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Hey guys, hope i can get some advice here. Im running an ASUS M4A78L-M mobo, with a Athlon II 620 Quadcore CPU, clocked at 2.6ghz. My RAM is Crucial 2gb DDR2 800 PC2 6400.

Problem: in AMD overdrive, my ram frequency is only showing up at 400mhz. Its supposed to be running at 800. In my bios the fastest i can get it to run at is 533. Now there are lots of options for me to OC my cpu/ram, but my experience in setting voltages and multipliers and whatnot is limited, so i dont wanna fry anything. Any help in OC`ing my CPU, and getting my RAM issue would be much appreciated. So if anyone knows how i can fix this via AMD overdrive, or in my bios, that would rock.

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  1. I don't know much about AMD CPU's and motherboards, but here is what I think is happening:

    Overdrive is reporting correctly. It's doing the same thing CPUZ does. It is reporting a RAM frequency of 400 Mhz instead of a RAM clock of 800 Mhz.

    Remember, DDR2 RAM transfers 2 chunks of data for each bus cycle (even if AMD technically doesn't use an FSB).

    If you want to overclock, learn to use the BIOS.
    Overclocking Athlons
  2. That makes sense. Thanks for the info. Will also check that link out. Much appreciated.
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