Nvidia - Quadro FX 580 vs GTS 250

...OK, I'm in the planning stages for a dedicated 3D system. I am not a gamer so I do not need all the bells & whistles associates with a game machine.

I also do not have a budget that can support the pro grade tools. Hence, apps like Carrara7/8 Hexagon, and the upcoming Bryce7 are more my speed. I had been considering the FX580 because of its OpenGL performance and low power requirement. However, I have also been advised to look as the mainstream GPUs, most notably (based on my budget) the GTS240 and 250. One of the points that was mentioned was that more memory (the GTS250 has twice the memory of the FX580) would be very helpful in working with large or complex scenes on OGL mode.

Currently, both GPUs are about the same price with the GTS/GTX series projected to go down in price with introduction of the new Fermi units.

So my question is which GPU would suit my needs better?
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  1. For your need then get that Quadro... :)
  2. The Quadro.
  3. Have you taken a look at the ati firegl v7700?


    Look for a review on that card on tom's website
  4. ...thank you for the recommendations.

    Two of he most important factors for me are OGL performance and heat production.

    I tend to work with a lot of lights and complex textures. The more that can be displayed in "working" mode the less I have to depend on frequent software driven test renders.

    A number of the reviews I read point to the unit's cool and quiet operation which is a huge bonus for me as the less heat the better for system longevity.

    I am also working with learning Blender (2.5 beta) so there I might see more of the Quadro's benefits.
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