E6600 Pentium Wolfdale vs E6600 Core 2 Duo Conroe

i installed few days ago a new E6600 Pentium Wolfdale on one of my computer and for fun i run benchmark with my old E6600 Core 2 Duo Conroe.

after few days of full cpu world grid community calculations my new e6600 Pentium Wolfdale is really the winner !

here pcwizard benchmark.
so faster clock is better and less cache size isnt so bad has it seems :oP

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  1. If you overclocked that conroe to the same speed as the wolfdale it would be about the same the 45 nm wolfdale has a couple advantages being it runs cooler and uses less power but it is basically same processor. In fact the conroe might have a slight edge with it having more cache at the same speed.

    But the 45nm wolfdale will definitely overclock a whole lot higher so it would still win.
  2. ^ +1

    The PentiumDualCore E6600 has a 600MHz advantage over the Core2Duo E6600. The 45nm chip is a bit faster clock per clock, but the Core2 has more cache. If they're at the same speeds, they would probably perform about the same.

    The 45nm wolfdale E6600 is very overclockable.
    Considering people can usually overclock to 3.5GHz on a 2.5GHz E5200, you should have no trouble overclocking it to around 4.0GHz or higher.
  3. At the same speed, it's a tossup between the Conroe's larger cache and the Wolfdale's improved architecture.
  4. :hello:

    I would had try overclocking my old E6600 Conroe for another test, but that computer server is working lightly but steady 24/24 and i can't really mess with it...

    but what u said guy is surely all true...
    my goal with those 2 cpu is to have 2 steady and thrusty computers that run 24/24
    :-) since now my old E6600 Conroe is good at that , i wish the new wolfdale will be also that good ...

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