How do I recover data from WP Passport? Power supply is good, disk does not spin

My old XP PC suddenly stopped recognizing my WD Passport 500G external hard drive. The power supply seems to be good (passport LED is lit) but I can't feel/hear the disk spinning up. Any idea how I get my pictures back?
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  1. Chances are the drive is toast, recovery companies are out there but just for kicks try unplugging it and waiting at least 5 minutes, then hook it up to a different computer.
  2. Thanks... I'll give it a try.
  3. I've seen this quite a bit with these things. The spindle motor has most likely siezed. If there is data that must be retrieved you'll have to take it to a recovery service ($$$) and even then there's no guarantee that they'll be able to recover anything.
  4. Hardware vendor? WD doesn't want to address the issue. They refer you to independent recovery providers, all have which seem to want a blank check up front.
  5. I take it another computer did not work. I have a wd 750 gig win 7 will not recognize but xp has no problem.a new drive soon for backups and will recover old data via xp
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