Help Needed on making a $800-850 gaming pc

Hello, Im as new as it can get to this site and building computers, Ive been researching for about a week or so. I need some opinions on what is good or not and if certain things are compatible or not. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to decide to order from a custom build site or get everything from newegg too. I would like to get a fully fuctional pc (no monitor) but with mouse, keyboard, optical drive, hard drive, video card, mother board etc.
Here is what i was thinking: [...] mbo.311727
$552 with rebates
This looked like a good bundle to me, I wanted the i5 750 for the extra performance. I honestly dont need a 1.5 TB of hard drive, 500 GB is fine but ill take the 1.5 TB. I dont know much about the case but it looks cool and the some of the reviews were good.
I want to get this ATI
5770, [...] -_-Product
I'm almost building this comp around it. $160 after rebate
and if anyone has any mouse/keyboard/speaker/optical drive bundles or deals that would be great. I do have some keyboards and mice to choose from but any opinions and suggestions are appreciated.
I also want a computer that will last, i got the video card DX11 so i can play future games as well but I'm mainly going to be playing source games and maybe a few others.
Thanks guys!
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  1. the combo isn't working
  2. the seagate your looking at is a terrible drive. If you had bought it a few days earlier it would have been $30 less. The Gpu is great but if your gonna game you don't want more than one high res monitor. I'd go for it but id get a 5770 comboed with an os(windows 7). Also if you have the money definately get an 500gb f3 and set it up in a raid 0 with the 1.5 teribite to make sure if it fails u got a back up. Here is a link for windows 7/5770
  3. Thanks for the advice. I still need a keyboard/mouse/speakers and headset.
    Any ideas?
    Also does the Case come with the cooling fans or am I going to have to buy them myself?
    And is the 5770 a good card? is there much different between 5770 and 5750?
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    the 5770 is definately worth the extra cash over the 5750. It is a great card. Your case will have an amazing cooling. It has an intake and exaust of 120 mil so that itself will make great cooling also it has two other fans 120 and 140, this will make you cooling better. Keyboard mouse speakers and headset i have no clue about. I use crappy things for all of them so i would not know what to buy. I would not feel write reccomending something to u
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