Please suggest graphics card

I recently upgraded to Win 7.

My motheboard is intel 845GEBV. The onboard graphics card is not supported by Win 7. Dang :ange:

Please suggest a good graphic card :
1. Not too expensive.
2. Thats compatible to my motherboard and win7.
3. i dont play high end games
4. I don't need high performance.
5. I have corsair vx450 power supply.
6. May add another screen in future, but currently have only screen

Thank you.
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  1. The Radeon 4670 HD is the best you can get for $65.
    It performs good upto 1680x1050.
    And it will be good for your PSU
  2. NVIDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  3. 1. Based upon the hierarchy chart:,2521-8.html

    2. The fact your motherboard appears to only have an AGP 4X slot.
    3. You mention not playing "high end games," which means you play would like to play games from a few years ago at a decent fps.
    4. Using only.

    I would go with the following:

    1. ATI HD 3650 GDDR2 = $76

    2. ATI HD 4650 GDDR3 = $101

    Unfortunately, due to your MB only having a 4x AGP slot, in combination with your power supply only having 1 PCI-E 6 port power, your options are severely limited. (The MB is your major issue.)

    And, if you plan on playing a game on one monitor and doing other things on a 2nd screen in the future, the 4650 is probably required.
  4. I'd give my vote to the 4650 as well.

    Although if the specs I'm finding are correct, even that may be overkill for your system. Looks like you have a socket 478 board, which would mean a single-core P4 chip. That's probably going to bottleneck the 4650, and the AGP 4x won't do you any favors either. So you may not see any better results with a 4650 than a 3650.

    Although in that case ... the price difference between the 3650 and 4650 is only a few dollars, so I'd say the hell with it, you might as well just get the 4650 and be done with it.
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