This is my first watercooling setup. I plan on placing the order this weekend. I have all my desired parts picked out, though i feel like im missing something. Being as its my first venture into this, can anyone help me figure out what else i need to pick up or suggestions. Below is a screenshot of my cart from Frozencpu.

I plan on a single loop cooling an Intel i5 Lynfield (1156 socket) in an HAF 932.

I liked the idea of dropping all Swiftech in there and the parts seemed to be all high rated from multiple sites of read reviews from.

Swiftech Apogee HD CPU block
Swiftech MCR320-XP 120mm slim radiator
Swiftech MCRES Micro Rev. 2
Swiftech MCP655-B 12v Water Pump
Primochill 1/2 ID x 3/4 OD tubing
Primochill Base High Purity Deionized Water - UV Pink

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    Couple things:

    NO PRIMOCHILL. Not coolant (they stain and gunk blocks), not tubing (it leeches plasticizer). For colored tubing go feser, clear tubing clearflex, masterkleer, or durelene

    Might want to get a different res as i've heard some people don't like it.

    Only other thing you don't have listed is fittings for your tubing.
  2. The fittings are in the picture. I just didn't post it. I selected a compression fitting for almost all of it. (1/2" x 3/4")

    Are you saying to avoid coolant all together or just Primochill products?
  3. Only coolant you should go for is Mayhem's Pastel or X1, anything else so far has proven to gunk up your loop and generally suck lol. I'm using pastel and love it.
  4. What would be a good res to grab instead? Because if its due to mounting capability or aesthetics, that's a non issue. I personally like the way it looks and I have really solid idea of how I'm going to mount it. Now quality though, that's an issue!

    And a few dumb questions...
    I'm going to need thermal paste still, right?
    Does the rad come with 3 120mm fans or will I need to pick those up as well? If so, fan sugesstion?
  5. You will need fans. As for suggestions:

    Cougar Vortex
    Scythe AP 15s

    That's just a few.

    You will still need thermal paste to mount the cpu block, but I'm pretty sure it will come with the waterblock, check to be safe though. I don't remember what specific things people didn't like about that rad, maybe someone else can elaborate more.
  6. doesn't seem to carry any of the mentioned fans or coolant. What is another reliable site I could purchase these from? I want to avoid paying 30 different shipping costs.
  7. Kill coil? Sorry... I'm still new at this.

    I want color per say. Noob thought process here, but I figured I would get clear tubing with a colored coolant. That way if I wanted to change the color I could just drain it and add a new color.
    Though the way it seems, is if I wanted to do that, I'm better off changing tubes instead of gunking up my whole system?
  8. I have. Must have skipped the small kill coil part, thank you. If I'm adding a biocidal do I still need the silver?
    Or should I use one over the other? If so, what's the better of the 2?
    I figure I would be safer using a solvent type solution than adding a piece of metal to the inside of my tubes. Feared I might somehow mess it up. But im sure I can safely add a drop of water to more water lol.
  9. Don't let amuffin scare you that much lol. Most coolants are bad, but to date no one has found issues with Mayhems and they've been tested. I did a ton of reading before getting it myself and I'm satisfied so far. If you want to stick with distilled water and killcoil just get feser colored tubing then.
  10. for colored coolant,i definitely recommend mayhem's like many others have recommended....but not mayhem;s aurora for 24/7 use...
  11. Yeah as nice as aurora is avoid it, it isn't meant for regular use but only for taking a rig to a show/exhibit (bizarre lol). That's why I said stick with either their X1 (which is more see through and like standard coolants) or Pastel (which I like more, it's opaque)
  12. My rad is going to be mounted in place of my ceiling fan so there's probably less than 8" from the block to the rad. Should I grab elbow fittings for the CPU block ?
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  14. all of mayhem's are just for a showoff case - not a case taht runs all day long or even for a few hours on end every day for a week for the entire year - you get my point.

    BA has already been awarded, however - stay away from the mayhems - noone recommends them unless you're a forum member who has lots of cash to drop on buying stuff cos you wreck them ever so often.

    FYI - OP + Scopey, its not just the aurora's its the entire mayhem range and they raise your temps by 3~4 degrees. One guy messed up and has about 8 degrees rise in temps.

    2nd FYI - the mayhems dyes are very choosy with the res/pump setup. BIG NO NO to bay res pump modules.(for anyone else looking to buy those mayhems)
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