Seagate 1TB, 7200 not showing in sata bios?


My 1TB seagate is not showing up as a SATA device, even though it shows on the flash startup screen and is accessible in windows. What's up with that? Anyone know? I have a P6X58D-E, Rev 0108.

Now the DVD shows up there.

Odd thing, when the flash screen goes by it show the drive speed a 3G even though it is connected, I think to a 6G connector.

Is there someway to make it show as a SATA device? Is this a problem? The system runs great, though if it is at 3G instead of 6G I guess I'd like to fix that.
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    Got the latest bios????..If not flash to same...:)
  2. oouuuu....scary. BIOS flashing seems like Russian Roulette....

    If this is all I'll gain, and since the drive is obviously working, maybe I'll leave it aas is.
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