Good motherboard for gaming?
MSI 790XT-G45 AM3/AM2+/AM2 AMD 790X ATX AMD Motherboard

For a 4870 Crossfire configuration with an athlon x3 440 cpu at a 1920x1080 res.

I'm trying to find a nice quality cheap motherboard that can run two 4870s that supports DDR2 RAM and has a few features

Budget is under 120$.

Thanks :)
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  1. That motherboard looks good for your needs.

    You could have a little bit of a CPU bottleneck with those cards. If you have an aftermarket cooler you could OC it a bit.
  2. ^+1...

    However, with you sticking with DDR2, it is your best option. I would think about making the jump to DDR3 and you can pick up the ASUS 790X version for less money after rebate and promotion code.
  3. Quote:
    I was wrong. That board supports 8x/8x so it's a great choice unless you want to go with DDR3.

    Alright thanks. How severe is the bottleneck? The 440 is all I can afford at the moment and it got good reviews :s

    If I were to make a jump to DDR3, I could maybe afford 1-2gbs of ram with the motherboard. Would it really be worth it to game for a month or so with 1-2 gbs in my system, even though the motherboard is well made?
  4. 1) The X3 440 won't be much of a bottleneck, if at all... Specially when overclocked :)

    2) IMO, it really won't be worth it to only buy 1-2 GB of memory. I would just stick with DDR2 for now and make the jump your next upgrade/build!!
  5. Thanks guys!
  6. Quote:
    STick with your ddr2. Overclock your 440 to at least 3.4ghz.

    Would I need an aftermarket cooler to achieve that?
  7. Yes, you will want an aftermarket cooler to get those MHz with safe temps.
  8. Good point on 400MHz, I guess I was just taking the won't hurt approach :lol: :)
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