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Older rig, which gpu would best suit this situation

first POST! i love this place soo much info!

here are the specs
cpu: e2160 1.80GHz clocked to 2.07
mobo: 4coredual-sata2
ram: 2 gb ram
storage: 1 tb wd black
gpu: currently running geforce 7600gt
monitor: dellultrasharp 2407wfp
i just got this mobo with the cpu from my older brother and it was free
i was previously using a matx athlon 64 3000+ (1.7ghz), and the 7600gt

so i guess its some what of an upgrade
so far i spent on a 550W antec psu, and the ram, and case

im wondering what is my best option
my budget is under 150cnd$

would anything in the 4800 series and above be bottlenecked?

i want to play l4d2 with decent frame rates and with full effects, and possible no need to upgrade when diablo 3 comes out

any suggestions would help greatly thank you!
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    Welcome to the Toms Hardware Forums

    You'll be absolutly happy with a Radeon 5750 HD(Supporting DirectX11).
    Its $120USD.
    Won't bottleneck (Guaranteed)

    Will be great for couple of years or so

    GooD LucK
  2. Welcome to the forums!

    If you can stretch your budget to $160 CAD, I would highly recommend a 5770.
    If not, get a 5750.

    While you will probably be bottlenecked by the CPU and your 4x link speed PCIe connection, you will still see benefits from a faster GPU.
    You will be able to run your games with more eye candy, AA and AF without impacting your frame rates when CPU bottlenecked.
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