What would the lowest voltage possible to overclocking a 3570k

hello, in the future I am going to try to overclock my 3570k, and I have two questions about it. first what would be the lowest possible voltage in order for it to reach 4.5GHz. the second is, what would be the best closed loop cooler to keep it at a decent temp under load.
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  1. Every chip is different. No definate answer, sorry.
  2. To get 4.5ghz on my 3570k, I had to do a vcore offset by +0.030. To get 4.6ghz I had to bump it up by +0.090.

    Check out this website to overclocking. It helped me out a lot.
  3. Please keep in mind that there is no a specific value on voltage but a range because the voltage depends on the CPU load.

    The VID range for this specific processor is 0.2500-1.5200.

    For additional information, please verify the information from the datasheet at:
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