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Here is a link to my first thread concerning this build.

My question this time is, the case comes stock with 3 fans, I am getting a 4th for the side, and considering a 5th for a memory cooler. I assume it exhists I've just never seen one, I assume I will probably need some sort of fan power "extension cord". Can someone point me in the right direction?
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    you can buy memory cooling fans ( I have a zalman dual fan, plugs into the mobo on a 3pin) that sit over your ramslots and they come with cabling, for your 4th fan if you buy a fan with a molex connector,just find a plug from your psu that reaches where you need it to, most fans ive seen have a throughput, I.E. one to plug fan in, and an out plug to carry on the power to another item so you can daisychain fans if you like,not sure about 'extension leads' as such,
    hope this helps
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