P6x58d-e dram issues

I just bought a p6x58d-e, running an i7 930 in it, with a 12gb set of corsair ram (hx3x12g1600c9) (also have a gtx 460 and a Silent Pro Gold 800W). When i try to start up, everything seems to power up, but the DRAM light on the mobo comes on and stays on, and i get a 'no signal' from the monitor. I have tried pushing the mem ok! button for up to 1 minute, but it still wont work. I checked on the corsair tech support, and the RAM is compatible with the CPU and the mobo, so im really stuck as for whats going wrong. Any ideas?
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  1. Have you verified the RAM voltage is at spec to the memory? When all the DIMM slots are full, it is important for the voltage requirements to be correct and may require a slight increase to remain stable.
  2. Exact same issue here, only with GSkill ram. Again, the ASUS manual says my memory setup is supported, but I get a constant red light and no signal to the monitor. Any solutions out there?
  3. it turns out that one of the power supply cables wasnt plugged into my mobo correctly :(
    i felt so stupid after i realized that was all it was...
    If that isnt your issue Artie, try running your RAM chips one at a time to check if any are faulty.
    Only other issues i can think of would be to check you PSU? if your system is like mine, it sucks alot of power, so make sure you at least meet the minimum power requirements.

    hope it helps :)
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