Any Issue of Memory Module of Diff Speed in System?

I have a Abit MotherboardNF-M2S with a AMD processor, AM2/64 4000+ 2.11Ghz. My memory is currently a 1G DDR2 533. I'd like to upgrade the memory to 3G but DDR2 533 is not available so I am planning to buy a piece of 2G DDR2 800. What will happen if I combine the old and new DRAM module of different speed ? Thanks.
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  1. The faster 800MHz RAM will revert to the slower 533MHz setting. There shouldn't be any issue at all.
  2. Thanks.

    The current 533 1G and I plan to buy a 2G 800.
    1st option is to replace the 1G/533 with the 2G/800 and another option is to add the 2G/800 to the other empty slot. What do you think is a better option ? Thanks.
  3. More RAM is usually the better choice, so combining them would be my personal choice. But, not all DIMMS "play nicely" with each other... But I'd still at least try to install them both.

    Regarding memory timings:

    If you can, manually set the memory timings to those of the 533MHz DIMM within the BIOS. If you don't know the proper settings, download CPU-Z, run it, and see what your system is currently set to (Memory tab), as well as what settings your DIMM supports (SPD tab) at different frequencies. If that seems a bit complicated, you should just be able to select "SPD" within the BIOS, which tells the system to default to the DIMM's pre-set timings.
  4. RazberyBandit,

    Thanks for your advice. I will try both options, but what's a good method (or software) to measure and compare the performance of both options.
  5. You're welcome.

    You could download SiSoft Sandra Lite and run it's memory benchmarks. Get it from one of the affiliate sites here:
  6. Thanks again for the advise.
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