Cant access my external IDE HDD

Hey all,

I was given an IDE hard drive to pull information off of and am currently running it through an IDE to USB converter. It is showing up in my Disk Management, but I cant seem to access it. When I right click everything is grayed out but the delete volume and help. Couple screen shots are below to show you exactly whats going on.. Any idea how I can get access to his HDD?

Pic 1

Pic 2
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  1. Was it given to you because it had issues with being accessed in the computer it was in? If it was, there is your answer, the drive is bad to begin with.

    In the second screenshot it looks like the drive is initialized though, did you try assigning it a drive letter?
  2. yes,

    I was told it was working fine. He just wanted a backup of the files on it. About the drive letter. The option is grayed out so I was not able to give it a driver letter.
  3. Back it up with an external drive off the original PC. Could be the usb enclosure is not working right with the drive.
  4. Thanks for the advice.. Atm I decided to go a different route.. I was able to find an old computer with a IDE connection and plugged the HDD in there. I am now making an image of it with clonezilla which I will then throw the image onto another HDD as the backup drive.

    If for some reason this does not work, I will def. just have him make the backup at his house.

    Thanks for the help and replies.
  5. Just as an update, I was able to create an image of the old IDE HDD and then throw that image onto a Sata HDD, but I still get the same issue. I can not access any of the files in that particular partition. Everything is still grayed out.. /sigh

    Also he can not add a HDD to his system as its a very old system with a non working USB 1.0 port and we cant seem to find an extra IDE drive laying around somewhere.
  6. Just wanted to update.. Got it working by using the software :

    Partition: Find and Mount

    Thanks for your time and help Hang-the-9!
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