HITACHI Microdrive 3K8 HMS361006M5CE00

HITACHI Microdrive 3K8 HMS361006M5CE00

How can I hook this up to a SATA/IDE port?
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  1. With excessive difficulty, apparently. I'm still trying to make adapters for the 8 I brought. :??:

    While the drive uses PATA it is with a proprietary 35-pin ZIF connector that there is no adapter for. Even many forensic specialists no longer have an adapter to read these drives as they are not often needed. The cable uses an 0.3mm pitch and as long as it's a 'CE' model then you can wire it up to any IDE interface you want, in theory.

    If anyone knows anything about making or buying ZIF converters or getting small batches of custom flex cables made ect. ect. any information would be greatly appreciated. I need some adapters even if it's hacking one out from a bigger flex cable.

    I was gonna see if I could RAID all 8 for a laugh before I put them to use but oh well.$file/Hitachi3K8-OEMSpecification2.10.pdf
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