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so my uncle set my password but didn't write it down and i'm on a XP machine... same old black dots, no ability to retrieve the password
i tried the WirelessKeyView but its showing me the WEP etc but that's not what i'm trying to get, i need to get the phrase he made up

any idea how to fix this?
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    The WEP key is all you need to connect - it's generated by the passphrase which is no longer relevant after that WEP key generation is completed.

    Maybe your uncle didn't write it down for a reason. Hemay also have password protected the router login so you can get in and change restrictions.

  2. well, to make things worse, its not that he didn't write it down... he should have
    he doesn't remember it and asked me to figure it out...
    its the password on the router i guess but yeah, no idea how to retrieve the password
    i know how to on macs and windows 7 but not xp
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