HP Slimline upgrade to bigger case/PSU

Hi guys,

I'm helping a friend of mine who has a slimline HP s7000 series PC, he has also been given a 9800GTX card which doesn't fit in the case.

I've offered to help him upgrade it and have come up with what I think is a workable solution, just wanted to run it by some people to see if i've missed anything glaringly obvious.

The HP uses the following motherboard


Which has a HP proprietary 24-pin ATX connector that is basically a shrunk down version of a standard ATX connector with the pins in the same positions. According to HP documentation the board is a micro-ATX board.

My plan was for him to buy the following case and PSU...


Move all components to the new case. Then also buy a 24 pin ATX extender...


And some butt crimps...


And cut off the mini HP ATX connector from the old PSU, splice it to the 24 pin ATX extender using the butt crimps. Then use the new power supply to run everything, before finally adding in the 9800 GTX.

Seems to work as a plan in my head, anything I might have overlooked? PSU seems to be compatible with the motherboard, case supports micro ATX, No HP ATX to ATX adapters available that I can find.

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  1. You can go like this or you can go like this
  2. Cheers, i've seen both of them, unfortunately the adapter goes to a 20 pin version of the mini HP connector. The mobo on the HP I am looking at is 24 pin.

    Thanks though, it's looking like splicing is the only way.
  3. From what I see there the PSU adapter is 20 pin.

    also "only to find that the atx connector on the power supply you bought doesn't fit the small 24 pin connector on your HP Slimline. Get this adapter and your problem is solved!"
  4. You are completely right, I wrongly assumed the 24 pin was the big end. Thanks!
  5. Hi Guys,

    I"m in the same basic boat.

    What if I just purchased a cheapie 60 dollar motherboard and moved the CPU and ram over to the other setup?
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