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My Dad is a casual gamer but is really struggling to run many games now on his Dimension5000

I know there is a PCI express slot and the power output is 305Watt

He got a ATI 5770 but noticed it could not be powered up as there is no area to connect power and the PSU is not

strong enough.

Is there a posting or a list of graphics/video cards that will be better than the billy basic one that he had as default.

Or any suggestions of people that know how to get a better card working with minimal upgrade.

Getting PSU and connectors convertors increasing the case to fit this etc etc seems like a cost and hasstle

He is not running the latest FPS's he just want to play games a little more smoothly that don't jump.

Suggested solutions would be really welcomed.

PS Preferable someone that knows about the Dell as reading some posting they conflict about what can be used.

I have a custom build pc myself but it looks like the PSU connectors etc are not as suitable for banging in any old card in this particular machine

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  1. You just need to upgrade his PSU.
    The 5770 is a great choice and your PSU is not enough for that.
    I suggest you uppgrade your PSU to like:


    It will be great for him

    GooD LucK
  2. ^+1
    No need buy another card, just as mfarrukh said, upgrade the PSU... :)
  3. Quote:
    Like I mentioned I was hoping to do this with minimal expense
    not having to upgrade the PSU
    . Most standards PSU won't fit the Dell Dimension 5000 form factor - case/MOBO, without the need to get converter cables and I have heard that the MOBO has a history of frying out.

    So was hoping someone with exp of the Dell D 5000 might have have a suggestion that does not include replacing the PSU etc etc

    This means opting for a less powerful and older Graphics card, that will be cheaper.
    He does not play FPS's so has not need for a high spec setup.

    hope is still there is can be done.

  4. Funnily enough im in an almost identical situation, with my best mate wanting an upgrade.

    Im currently looking at the ATI 4670, as i have had this recommended before and it should just be within the realms of the PSU. its also about £50 so not bank breaking expensive especially if you've just bought a 5770.

    Just my thoughts...
  5. dobberdob said:
    Most standards PSU won't fit the Dell Dimension 5000 form factor - case/MOBO, without the need to get converter cables

    I get it, you don't want to buy a new psu, but understand this;
    Almost any standard ATX power supply can be used in the D5000, without the need for any converter cables

    Crap, should have looked at the date, damn necroposts.
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