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Hi guyz,

I just finished building a new computer and its my first build. Here are the component list:

1. Corsair 800D Case.
2. Intel i7 930.
3. EVGA X58 3-Way SLI Classified Mother Board.
4. Corsair H50 Water cooler for CPU
5. Nvidia GTX 280 OC Edition
6. Segate 500GB HDD.
7. Corsair MX5 6.0GB Trichannel 1333Mhz Memory.

Now when I go to the BIOS and in the CPU Settings the following features are disabled:

Intel speed step = disabled
CXE function = disabled
Virtualization = disabled

My question is I use the PC for gaming with the above components put together in my PC do I need to enable these features in the CPU settings.

Thank you.
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  1. speed step helps keep ur pc cool and ur power bill down, virutalisation helps, i forget how but it does, no idea what cxe is, cant you just apply bios defaults and see if that corrects it?
  2. Usually the first thing I do is go to the mobo's web site & update the BIOS, then update the default settings.
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    I would:

    1. Download and install latest BIOS.

    2. Load default settings

    3. manually input your RAM timings

    4. Do your OC.
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