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Hello, I am a 1st time builder, And a novice. I combined a Asus P6X58D-E mother board with a Western Digital hard drive WD1002FAEX capable of 6gb/s but BIO on boot up recognizes only 3gb/s. I used the 6gb/s port on mother board and the special 6gb cord. I tried different ports. I contacted WD, They said to jumper pins 5&6 but that cut me to 1.5gb/s
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  1. Hi VirginlM and welcome to THG

    Contact with ASUS and explain them the problem they should give u the instructions to run the HD at 6GB/s
  2. Good morning! Thank you for the reply. I went to ASUS web site twice, and became frustrated with the lengthy form to fill out before you can submit your question. This is not just the 1st computer I have built, but when I say novice I mean it. I chose to build my computer because I got tired of leaning on my friends. I have taken no classes. So I hope that I don't wear out the patients of the rest of you while I work to get up to speed.
    Thanks again Virgil
  3. U don't need take classes for learn that u learn on the road and with test and fail.
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