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A friend of mine bought a gaming rig that came with an aftermarket HSF for his i7-920. See link :


With it he was able to get to 3.2Ghz comfortably, but he wanted to go further so he bought a Dark Knight. He gave me the above heat sink, at the moment Im still using the stock E8400 HSF combo. So I imagine this MUST be better then the stocker.

Question: Is the Intel "push pin" design compatible from i7 boards to C2D boards? Will this HSF fit on top of my C2D?

The bottom is a flat copper contact. Im just hoping everything lines up correctly.

Any info would be much appreciated. Thank you kindly!
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  1. No, the push pin based coolers on the Socket 1366 and/or 1156 are not compatible with the Socket 775 push-pin system.

    Imagine the four push pins as corners of a square - the distance between the push pins are longer as the socket number increases. That is - Socket 1366 has the longest distance between the push pins, while Socket 775 has the shortest, and it will not fit.

    You might like to know that some S1366 motherboards come with S775 aftermarket cooler holes for backwards compatibility, however, push pin Socket 775 coolers do not work on some S1366 motherboards with S775 holes.
  2. I see, so Id have to measure the bracket spacing to see if its 72mm ( for C2D ) maybe what they put on his board was a backwards compatable HSF. * instead of 80mm * for 1366 sockets.

    Thank you kindly.
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