It's crazy trying to review webhosting sites.... there's too many.

I have Godaddy but will keep them as the registrar but switch hosting to a different virtual hosting company. I'm looking for a more powerful hosting company that has includes more features.

The problem is that there are so many hosting companies out there that it is virtually impossible to do any real reviews.

Any ideas?

Lunarpages, justhost, ??? I've heard positive and negative referrals.
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  1. There are many things to consider when deciding on a good Web Host to go with.

    Problems that you will encounter are such as:

    - 1) Web Hosting Resellers)
    - 2) Being able to get support when needed (24/7)
    - 3) Amount of Web Storage & Gigs per Month
    - 4) Reliability of Service
    - - - A) Server Hosting other sites which Host Porn and/or Malware Knowingly
    - - - B) Server not kept updated (Security Holes)
    - - - C) Server Not Configured correctly (more Security Holes)

    Probably forgetting some other considerations as the rest of my family is
    home now and I find it's easier to think straight when it's quiet in the house.

    Depending on what you need a Web Hosting service for, it's generally best to pay for a Premium Hosting service so as to avoid many of those problems. But even then, I still recommend researching your Premium Services before settling on any one service.

    Even with Registrars there can be problems as there are many Resellers out there who can cause problems for you when it comes to keeping or even renewing your domain/s or even with keeping your personal information private or such as with not being able to get back money you might have in an account which you may not have used.
  2. Who offers premium hosting? That's what I'm essentially asking...

    I already know the particulars about hosting companies but I need to hear what most people are using as reliable. I dont want to get a hosting company that is just the basics.
  3. The problem here is you really need to ask around and then on top of that research what you find.

    I used WebMasters for a long time, but to this day, I honestly don't know if they were a reseller or the real deal. But I was getting at least 10GB storage and 30GB monthly Bandwidth for I think about $9.95 per month at the time.

    The service was fairly good, although at the time, I felt the service was lacking and could have been better.

    Checking out the service, I see that they have changed the plan somewhat.
    Hosting plan They also have a month plan for your own server @ $99.00 per month.

    I have not had a web site of my own in at least three years now as I cancelled my hosting service and let my domain expire. After that, the domain itself was snatched up by Malware purveyors.

    I honestly don't know if or when I'll ever build another website.

    But you need to be careful of all the fraudsters that are out there too.
  4. That's what I've been trying to do. I'm not sure what other method to use to ask around. As for research, the comparison charts and reviews all seem inconsistent. It is unreliable.
  5. If anything, you might try contacting a fewwell established businesses to see who they use for hosting services and check with Backbone companies also for any preferred hasting services. Even Tom's might be able to suggest a few.
  6. What I did was fairly simple, I did a reverse lookup on few well established business websites that receive high traffic. Doing this reveals their hosting provider although in many cases the business owns their own servers
  7. Yup, and running your own server instead of leasing a server, you're talking big bucks, not for the server but for the line from the TeleCo itself.

    When I used to work security at my last workplace, the various businesses would run their own servers and lease their internet connection from the TeleCo's. Anywhere from DSL for the really small businesses to several T-1s for the larger Businesses.

    Every so often I would have to escort a service guy from one of the TeleCo's to the Server room from one of the Businesses so they could switch their lines to a different TeleCo, just to get a cheaper price. This is something that goes on all the time and if I recall correctly from what one of the service guys told me, companies generally bid on pricing contracts for the lines which is why they are constantly changing service all the time.

    So unless you have a business that is doing well and has the financial backing, you are probably better off leasing a server unless you can get a good deal on internet service line contract.

    But this option will cost you as there is a major investment in TeleCo equipment, servers, business class routers, Server Rack, Rack mount UPS, Hardware Security Device and what ever other hardware may be needed to setup.

    Although once it's paid for, it's yours scott free until you need to upgrade to something newer which will mean even more investment.

    Almost forgot to add, the ones using DSL, didn't have their own servers as they leased them from a hosting service instead.
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