LeadTek WinFAst A 250 Ultra Win7 driver

This card uses a standard W7 driver 6.1.76. It won't upgrade. I have tried to use whats on the Winfast web site with no luck. I have tried several but the one I have on this machine UNINSTALLED and it will NOT install is NVIDIA 195.62. The card runs standard as 1024/768 yet some W7 programs do not like it DVD maker to be spcific. Yet videos do play on this machine as do AVI files and pictures stored on it. This is to be used as a picture server on my TV system. I would love to access the cpabilities of this Video Card but so far only a basic video card. I have exhausted the web as far as I know for a driver. Nothing beyond XP is at WinFast site. I need a driver or a work around. I would purchase a new card, but about all thats available is to new for this mobo. The point of the excercise is to reuse older equipment that will still work without spending any more bucks.
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  1. Are you using a branded computer (like from Dell, HP, etc.?) If so, you'll have to check your manufacturer's website... they make specific video card drivers for your pretty generic hardware, for some reason.
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