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I have some huge problems with my computer.. running a intel core 2 quad q8200 with a asus p5q-e.. And i remember i had problems for a halfyear ago with it, but manage to google the problem and find out what to do in bios.. it was some voltage thing and stuff, .. Anyway, my biosbattery died on me and i need to do the same thing again and now i cant find the page.. D

Maybe you guys can help me! The thing is that my computer crash or restarts suddently.. no bluescreen no warnings, it just crash after maybe 1-2 hours..

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  1. It was most likely your DRAM voltage needed to be changed to what the manufacturer suggest so find out what RAM you have and then find out what they suggest for the voltage then check to see if it is correct in your bios.
  2. okey gonna check! btw the ram is "Kingston DDR2 HyperX PC8500 4GB"..
  3. Nickler said:
    okey gonna check! btw the ram is "Kingston DDR2 HyperX PC8500 4GB"..

    Yea check the bios to see if the DRAM voltage is set to 2.3 volts those kingstons require a good bit of volts to run and if they are being under volted that would explain your problem. I believe the max you will be able to set the voltage on is 2.3 on the P5Q.
  4. Okey! thanks i will try that.. now when iam messing around with the DRAM option i have a weak memory about it! So it was probobly the thing I mixed with last time.. I also change the tRAS cycle time from 18 to 15... do i need to change anything else if i do that? Read on the factorysite that the tRAS should be 15.

    It also say that it should be 2.2? but do u think i should increase it to 2.3..

    Last thing.. i got this program call cpu-z there you can see the voltage on the DRAM on the "SPD" section.. but it still show 1.8?
  5. If it says 2.2 run that. On their website I thought I read 2.3 but that might be a different model then you have. So set that and all should be good you shouldnt have to mess with anything else if you want you can test stability with a program called Prime95 and run the blend test it will test the stabilty for your RAM and processor.

    As for your CPU-Z question that is why you are having issues the SPD is what tells the motherboard what to set the RAMs configuration to. According to what the motherboard sees it thinks it should be set to 1.8 which is wrong and is why you are having instability so you have to over ride that by setting the DRAM voltage yourself also make sure all the timings are set correctly too.
  6. Hmm running that program now the Prime95! Dont know what i can read from it? Let you guys know when i run it!

    unfortunately the problem still ramains, even when i run the DRAM voltage to 2.2 and change the tRAS from 18 to 15 (5-5-5-15). Any other idés?
  7. No cleaned it when i changed the battery! Wierd thing is even when i changed thevoltage to 2,2 for th RAM it still shows 1,8 in CPU-Z? Not 100% sure if it is the Ram that is the problem.. But it seems like that when the config for it is so wrong...
  8. This is very weird.. Today when i started my computer i needed to go to bios again, like the battery had died or something.. Something is very strange about this, i just changed the battery to a new one..
  9. I had this same problem with the same motherboard and processor with similar memory. I used the correct settings for the memory and even replaced it. It did nothing and my computer continued to restart. I ended up switching out the processor for a Core 2 Duo I had and afterwards the computer ran fine. I even tried reinstalling the Quad after a while and changing some settings but it just went right back to having the same problem. It shut off while I was typing the first sentence in this reply, I switched back to the Duo and finished.
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