Add two new drives to new computer

I have a new ZTSystems computer with win7 pro with a slow 2t seagate (5400). I am adding a Samsung 128 SSD (830 series) and a WD2002Faex Black Caviar 2T 64. I would like the old drive OS and data on the new SSC and use the other two as Data drives for photo and movie work and more.

Do I use ACHI or Riad operaton mode? any other suggestion beside I am nuts?

Okay to use software provided by Samsung (NORTON GHOST 15) to copy the old HHD to SSD ? Will it automatically transfer both partitions proportionately to my new smaller SSD?
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  1. Use ACHI. You should only do your OS partition!
  2. +1 to rolli59

    ACHI mode and a fresh install of windows. I would not clone the old HDD.
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