Motherboards that support nvidia 7800 gtx graphics card?

I don't have money to buy a whole new computer so I was just wondering what kind of motherboard supports nvidia 7800 gtx graphics card?I liked my old motherboard but I'm having heat sink issues right now.Please any one who can help send me and email at I use my computer for gaming and the mother board I have Is SLI ready...(epox 9npa SLI).
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  1. If the motherboard has a PCI-e x16 slot, it can use your GPU. Do you need SLI support or not? That will limit your choices. Also, do you plan to recycle your CPU and memory? Those too will dictate which direction you choose. Please clarify and I am sure the Tom's collective can help.
  2. I do not think I absolutely need to have SLI but the mother board I have now Uses SLI.I can Turn SLI off and on as I choose.I have cords inside the comp that say PCI Express,I'm not sure If x16 is what I have.I also don't know what GPU is.I basically know What kinda of graphics card I need to play my games.I know how to take my computer apart and put It back together but I don't know what anything does.
  3. GPU = graphics processing unit a.k.a. video card.

    Your motherboard uses a socket 939 AMD processor and DDR memory. You really aren't going to be able to re-use those items in a new motherboard.

    How large a budget are you planning on spending?
  4. Oh,That's not good.I can spend maybe $150.00 max I was looking for good deals online but I wasn't sure what I needed to be looking for.I'm 12 and I have to wait until my b-day in Febuary of 2011 to get something new because I cannot find any thing.I could maybe try and but a new heat sink.
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    First, London, you shouldn't ever reveal your age on the Internet. I am a dad and I know a little something about people who will take advantage of folks because of their age.

    Second, for $150US. You could get a new motherboard, a dual core processor, and 2GB of new DDR3 memory. A great source for geek toys in the US is

    Here are 3 choices that combined would be less than your budget and would perform quite well with your GPU:

    These are just examples of how far you can stretch your budget with a little creativity.

    Good luck, young geekling!!! HOOAH!!!
  6. Thanks your awesome!
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  8. I have one more question,Does the motherboard come with a heat sink if not can you send me a link to buy one that fits it?
  9. The processor comes with a heatsink, so you should be fine as long as you buy a retail version (versus an OEM version). Good luck!
  10. I don't know what OEM is.If I buy from the link you sent I can use it,right?
  11. Yes, the one I sent you a link to comes with a heatsink. OEM processors (also called tray or original equipment manufacturer) are intended for sale to system builders who are expected to provide support as part of a system. Retail processors (like the one I sent to you) carry support and a warranty from the company who made the product (AMD).

    OEM processors are cheaper, but almost never come with a heatsink, and have a much shorter warranty. They should only be used by experienced builders.
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