How do you do duel PSU's?

How do you do duel PSU's?
Is it as easy as putting one connected to the mobo and the other to the rest?
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  1. why would you ever need more than one unit? It would take a quite a system to require more power than is available from a high quality, high wattage PSU.
  2. darkgamer said:
    How do you do duel PSU's?
    Is it as easy as putting one connected to the mobo and the other to the rest?

    Unless this for a server and you want a second redundant power supply connected to a rechargeable battery, I wouldn't really bother with it. wouldn't be worth the hassle.

    But, Heres a way to connect two power supplies:
  3. Well my pc has been running fine for quite some time, but im thinking my graphics card is pulling to much for the rail. It can use up to 350 Watts, on the 12v rail. Just last friday i started my PC after getting back from class, and it will post and the harddrives are spinning up by no go goes to a black screen. So i unplugg the drives replug and they are spinning so, they are going, and everythings a go but no go. I had it happen before, i shook some wires on the HDD's and then it started. So im guessing it could be in a lack of power to the CPU, RAM, or MOBO. OTHER cleared the bios via shorting the battery with the pc unplugged and i get same thing. i put in the windows 7 x64 disk repair says fine, and not. THOUGHTS?
  4. So everything ran fine until the other day? Gaming and intensive tasks?
  5. it would help if you listed the full specs of your PC. The obvious option in your case would be to replace your current PSU with a good quality unit instead of just adding another PSU.
  6. Okay sorry, down to everything here you go.

    AMD Athlon x2 6400+ Black Edition
    2 X 250GB WD HDD'S 7.2K
    ATI RADEON 4850X2 1GB
    Plus about 5 USB devices.
  7. Also 2 120MM High Performance fans at 4000 RPM's.
  8. To answer the other question, yes I usually have 2 games open at a time, and about 12-30 tabs in mozilla and some other things, i usually lets AV run, game, chat, voice at same time so idk. But yes intensive keeps cpu at 25% or better all the time.
  9. Well if this problem has just occurred even know you could run things fine before, this might be a different problem.
  10. I mean I could find the problem, I'm an IT professional i just dont have the time and money to start swapping parts. Was just looking for ways out, I mean i maintain my system, never go more than maybe 4 months without cleaning dust, keep it virus free so the HDD isnt killed but I just don't know because Motherboard and CPU is posting Both HDD show up in bios and Memory is registering good too.
  11. It seems like a problem with the bootloader but how can I fix it if the DVD can't? Mind you I haven't backed up in a while so i have valuable info on the HDD so reformat isnt really any option i have extra HDD to install on and recover but rather fix the issue.
  12. Since your build is fairly old (I'm correct yes?) it sounds just like a simple need to replace the CMOS battery, Its forgetting everything connected to it like the 4850X2 connected to it.
  13. Oh, im sorry thats posting in fine too, I will try you could be absolutely right yeah about 2 years, with some new parts. PSU is only about a year same with GPU. I will pick up a new battery and try i mean really its worth a try 4$ battery or 120$ mobo that's discontinued?
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    Since this problem has just popped up all signs point to the CMOS battery being dead. If you go to the store and get a $4 dollar battery and it doesn't work its not that much of a loss, right?
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  16. Oh yeah thats what I was saying, plus if not I think I'm gonna tear it apart In a few days and rebuilt so i know everythings good and nothings gettin shorted out. Thanks for all your help. And also thanks for the reply about the duel PSU plug too.
  17. If your having a look on the motherboard, You might want to have a look for blown capacitors. Cant hurt.

    And no problem.
  18. Hmm, I never though, lol uh it was 3% overclocked, and i put it to stock...hmmmm
  19. 3% wouldn't much of a difference. But if you do plan to over clock in the future, You have to put the VCORE up tiny increments along with it too.
  20. Yeah i agree, i remember my old AMD Athlon xp 2500+ stock was 1.85GHz i could get to 2.4 GHz it ran 5 years at that, blowing through 2 mobo's.
  21. darkgamer said:
    Yeah i agree, i remember my old AMD Athlon xp 2500+ stock was 1.85GHz i could get to 2.4 GHz it ran 5 years at that, blowing through 2 mobo's.

    Damn, That would have sucked.
    I'm not gonna do any overclocking until I'm more understanding about it and i get a 3 party CPU cooler.
  22. You must understand a 30+% increase is straining the CPU not to mention i have the voltage more that 15% above stock.
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