SSD on SATA 3 Windws cannot be installed to this disk

I just got a Corsair Force GT and installed in my computer attached to the SATA3 port using Marvel 9128 chipset (mobo: Gigabyte P55 U3DR).
I have enabled the AHCI option and can see the drive when i boot to windows but it states I cannot install to the drive because my computers hardware may not support booting to this disk. I have checked the bios several time and checked the manual but i must be missing something.

Pllleeeassee help :cry:

anyone any ideas??

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  1. I wasn't aware that the P55-UD3R had a SATA III port -- are you referring to the two white ports as opposed to the 6 blue? The two white are JMicron SATA II ports and probably don't support that -- use the SATA2_0 blue port and it should work fine.
  2. Sorry my mistake :) its a P55A-UD3R Rev2.0
    Double checked the manual and they are Sata 3 - refers to them as GSATA 3

    Thanks for replying :D but I kind of found the solution although still not entirely sure what it is because I decided to reset my MoBo to default top settings and it is now working....
    Will now tweak the settings on my mobo one at a time so i dont mess it up again :)

    I am loving SSD super fast install..
  3. If you love it now, just wait -- it is even better using it all the time. Look over an optimization guide like THIS to get the most out of the space and speed. I turned off indexing and restore, which really made everything quicker, I also moved my paging file to a hdd to save space. I just periodically image the drive to an external HDD in case something goes horribly wrong at some point.
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