Need Critique on New Build

Hey everyone, after about 4 straight days of looking over and over my build, I finally decided on it. I just need some other people to look over it for me to make sure.

Here's some other info to help:


BUDGET: $1400 (no rebates, I avoid those like the plague)

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, HDD, OS


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Here's the link to the wishlist on Newegg, if you could critique it and give me some feedback it would be much appreciated.
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    ^ How about change the following things ?
    1. CASE to HAF 922 - It is still a great case - Saves about $50( Counting in shipping)

    2. PSU - Antec EA 750 - It is also modular and is as good as the Corsair...

    So with those savings, this card - HD 5870...

    3. RAM + Graphics card
    OCZ XMP 1600MHz + XFX HD 5870

    And I dont think you would have to spend anything more...But its upto you...
  2. Wow, thanks, I didn't catch that. That's a huge leap for the graphics card, even though it's essentially the same performance (for everything else, the 5870 is way better than the 5850). Much appreciated. Plus the final price with all the instant discounts on Newegg comes to $1,376.24 including shipping and the new CPU heatsink I added, so I can probably add a couple other things until I reach my budget limit. Oh, and if anyone has any other pointers those are welcomed as well.
  3. Actually, with all the iffy reviews on Newegg about the XFX line, I'm going to bypass the savings and go for the Sapphire, which has excellent reviews. Unless someone can testify for the XFX, I'm just going to do that.
  4. Well you don't really need a modular PSU with the HAF. Plenty of cable space, and you save $10 on the corsair. Not a big difference.

    Also, you could go p55 w/ an i5 and save $160 on the system with no performance loss. Actually, probably a gain for gaming.

    Or you can save $80 by getting an i7-860 instead for a system performance gain in everything.
  5. I would do that, but the 1366 is the way to go for the future, ex. Eight-ore and other CPUs. Plus I want to eventually Crossfire and you can only do that at x8 x8 on the p55 chipset.
  6. I'll vouch for XFX. The XFX and Sapphire cards are exactly the same. Both companies are just using the standard ATI design. The only difference is the sticker on the cooler. XFX is actually better because they offer a double lifetime warranty. That means that the warranty still applies to the second owner of the GPU if you ever sell it. XFX is a well-known company with an excellent warranty.

    You can't put much weight at all behind the noob reviews on Newegg.
  7. Haha, thanks. The thing that made me second guess it was that some said they had some problems that only occurred with XFX. But I'll take your word and use that discount. Any other suggestions?
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  9. TIM - AS5's 200 hour curing time may be of concern if you are going to be trying to compare different BIOS profiles when OC'ing after your build is completed.

    I'd prefer Asus' implementation of USB 3 over Gigabyte's,2490-7.html

    The Antec Earthwatts 750 is an average quality PSU with an 8.5 performance rating, same as the Corsair TX-750

    The Earthwatts 650 OTOH does a bit better w/ a 9.0 rating and 650 is more than enough for one GFX card.

    The Corsair HX-620 gets a 9.5

    Move from CAS 8 to CAS 7 RAM for $12
  10. Three's a couple issues with your suggestions:

    I'm going Core i7 920, which is socket 1366, and you recommended a socket 1156, which isn't compatible with Core i7 920-975.

    I'm going to Crossfire as soon as I get the money, so I need at least a 750w PSU.

    I'm going to be saving $43 with the graphics card/RAM combo, so I'm going to be going with that unless the deal ends, in chich case I'll use your link. Thanks though. Any other things you can see?
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