Phanteks ph-tc14cs Running hot

Ok, my system:

CPU: Intel i7-3030k (OC'd to 4.0 GHz @ 1.2V)
Motherboard: ASUS P9X79 Pro
RAM: Corsair XMS3 1600 8GB
Graphics card: EVGA GTX 680 SC
OS Drive: Samsung Series 830 256 GB
Data Drive: Samsung HD103SJ, 1TB
PSU: Corsair AX750

I just upgraded (or so I thought) from a trusty Hyper 212+ to the Phanteks PH-TC14CS BL (the blue one). In my original setup I had My Hyper 212+ on a 3 way PWM splitter, which ran three Blademaster 120 Fans, 1 on the front and 2 on the Hyper 212+ in push/pull. On the back I have one 120mm fan, which was a Cooler master Excalibur, which seemed to always hover right around 1400 RPM. With that setup, running the Folding@home SMP client, all 12 threads, my highest CPU hovered at around 65~67C at the worst. BTW - All temps are based on Core 1, for consistency.

So I got the Phanteks PH-TC14CS BL... Installed it, and the temps are actually WORSE. I have it running at 1200 RPM continuous (which is a little louder than I'd like). I left two of the Blademaster 120's on the PWM splitter and have one on the back and one on the front. They now run at close to 1550~1650 RPM ALL the time under load, making it louder than ever, while the temps are now 67~70C (even with the side of the case open).

What gives? This thing was $80! The $30 Hyper 212+ did a better job for cheaper from what I can tell. Most reviews showed the Phanteks idling at 30C, and the best I can get is around 40. I even re-seated it and used different Thermal compound (originally used the stuff it came with, this time I used AS5).

Any ideas? I'm about to return the damn thing and go back to my Hyper 212+. The main reason I got the Phanteks was being a downdraft cooler, I figured it would help to cool the VRM... Which reminds me, how important is VRM cooling on LGA 2011? I can't imagine the Motherboard manufacturers would have made motherboards that couldn't function without special provisions...
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  1. Downdraft coolers are not as good as the tower types similar to your hyper212.
    The cpu heat does not get directed out of the case as efficiently and tends to get recycled into the cooler.

    I would exchange it if you can for the tower type:

    As always. verify that you did not use too much grease which can act as an insulator.
  2. ^^
    That's the one that annihilates every thing else....
  3. What about a Megahalems? And also, what about the VRM? Is it really a big deal to cool it (IE, have a fan blowing on it's heatsink)?
  4. sgt bombulous said:
    What about a Megahalems? And also, what about the VRM? Is it really a big deal to cool it (IE, have a fan blowing on it's heatsink)?

    Prolimatech megahalems and noctua nh-d14 are also equally good.

    Bowing air does not cool unless the air is cool.
    We feel cool with blowing air because we feel the sweat evaporating from our skin.
    The motherboard does not sweat:)

    You really need to get the heat out of the case so cool air can enter.
    With any sort of airflow at all, the motherboard components do not need extra cooling.
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