After changing bios didnt boot up

I need help, guys, it's urgent

After i changed the bios setup, my computer didn't boot .. Moreover there is no visual on the screen ..

Pentium core 2 duo
1gb ram ddr2
Onboard vga

I know it is an old computer, but i aint gamer or entushiast ..

Is there any ways to change bios to default if my condition like this? Perhaps i missed something at bios earlier ..

Sorry for my terrible english and any help would be appreciated .. Thanks
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  1. U can... Flash it...
    what did u changed?
    release the CMOS batt for 15 minutes or so then start again your machine...
  2. sorry, i just got time to replied it ..

    if i didnt miss it, i changed like FSB. but it has 3 level, normal, turbo and extreme. and when i choose extreme and the computer restart the bios gone blank.
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