Power Supply Graphics Card Issues

I have this power supply with 19A each on 3 rails,
and also this graphics card,

The problem is the PC cant even start with it inside, its like trying to start a car with a dead battery. It powers fine without the card. I guess the power supply is weak. Am I right to buy another more powerful power supply, any recommendation for one is welcome. Thanks
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  1. You can run that card with like a 400w generic brand PSU... try the system with a different PSU and then a different graphics card, if its still failing probably something to do with the bios.

    Hold that thought, works fine without the card? As i said your PSU will be fine, RMA the card
  2. ^That card won't work properly with a generic 400W!

    Your PSU should be fine for the card.Make sure you've made all the connections.
    Try that card in another PC.
  3. Ok so maybe that was stretching it a bit... 400w branded PSU then xD
  4. Yes...A Quality 400W will take the load comfortably...
  5. Can I have a link to one please, I dont know what you mean by branded. Thanks
  6. Did you plug in the PCIE connector ? The card will not work without it.
  7. Something like this will suffice...

    This is a very good quality unit.Do you need anything cheaper?
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