OCZ Vertex 2 intermittent boot problem on IPIBL-LB MoBo

I just installed an OCZ Vertex 2 160GB SSD on my HP desktop with an Asus IPIBL-LB motherboard. I shifted my HDDs to SATA slots 1 and 3 on the MoBo, and put the Vertex on slot 0. I then started a clean install of Win7, but I've found that when I reboot, about 3/4 of the team, it doesn't recognize the SSD as a boot device. It always shows up in the list of devices, but the Intel Matrix Storage ROM doesn't report it most of the time, and it doesn't show up on the list of boot devices in the setup menu sometimes. Other times, it shows up on the list just fine, and boots very nicely. I installed the latest BIOS from HP (dated August 2010), but it hasn't helped. I'm about to try buying a PCIe SATA controller, even though I may lose some perf. I'm hoping the auxiliary SATA controller will bypass whatever I'm seeing. Has anyone else encountered a similar problem?
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  1. I installed the PCIe controller, and it consistently recognizes the drive as bootable, but now I get a BSOD during boot. :( Has anyone else succeeded with this configuration? I'm trying to figure out whether it's the drive or my computer.
  2. Hi, unfortunately I cannot provide a solution - I am experiencing the same issue with IPIBL and Vertex2 drives. Tried RAID Striping - cannot enter the SATA Controller Bios 9/10 boots. and 3/4 times the Vertex is not bootable. Tried Bios Upgrade - didnt help. I found some guys who tried upgrading the ICH9R SATA Bios from INtel and where successful, as the Version 7.6.1022 on the HP machine is somewaht outdated. Have you solved your issues by now?
    Cheers, Brassalui
  3. You said you shifted the two HDDs to other slots and installed SSD on slot 0. Was one of the HDDs the boot device previously having an OS on it ?

    What I may suggest is, remove all HDDs and leave only the SSD. Then clear CMOS and install Windows. After your computer boots up fine several times, you then add the other HDDs.
  4. I didn't have any luck... I tried disconnecting the HDDs but that didn't help. I decided the problems were a sign that I needed to upgrade my MoBo, so I'm building out a whole new system and giving the HP to the kids.
  5. Lucky kids. Have a nice day.
  6. Hi
    Response to your issue / OCZ vertex 2 and bios embedded Intel matrix storage
    (independently of MoBo) is here:


    reg :hello:
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