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HDD read speed, is this decent??

hello, I am new to building and evaluating computer performance and just want to make sure my system is functioning correctly. I don't have any issues with actual performance while using the computer, I just would like to know if I have it set correctly and am getting the most from it.

Can anyone tell me if this is a decent speed for a HDD. It is a 1TB Seagate Baaracuda (ST31000524AS) 7200 SATA3 drive installed with 2500k, Gigabyte ga-z68x-ud3h-b3 board, using the Intel SATA3 controller port. Configured for IDE not AHCI as I probably should have configured it during installation, live and learn I guess. Is the access time noted in the HDTune result ok?
Any comments appreciated. Thanks

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    Yeah, that's about what you should get. Not to much to say really. SSD's will be a lot faster and 5400RPM drives will be a little slower.
  2. The readings are good for a drive of that size (or any size) you would have to go for a SSD drive to get any better. The big dips on the graph are probably where another background task momentarily used the hard drive.
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