What are these things? Blocking my SATA ports

I can't seem to get these things off. I've very closely examined them, and tried to give them a little bit of a pull, and they won't budge. The specs say this mobo has 6 SATA plugs, and these are clearly marked AS SATA plugs, so what the hell?
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  1. They are the SATA plugs but they are rear facing slots. This means the facing toward the back of the motherboard the stacks of two. You will be fine and nothing needs to be removed. You just plug the SATA cable into them.
  2. Those are SATA2 ports 2 to 5.
  3. You don't remove them those are the plugs but the wires go in from the side not the top !! - they are rotated 90 degrees so the wires come in from the side of the MOBO between the case and the MOBO.
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