will two 4890's let me run 4 independent screens. They can either be ran as crossfire or by them sleves. can they run four screens? if so in which setting crossfire or not?
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  1. they can but cant be in crossfire. crossfire supports only 2 monitors in the 4000 series cards.
  2. can they support more in a different series?
    if so can u suggest a good graphics card
  3. The Radeon 5000 series cards support having more than one monitor. Using a daisy chain display port configuration, you can have up to six. That's eye-infinity, but currently it does have a few kinks to work out. You can use a Radeon 5970 to power more than one screen while gaming, but currently you can't do so with two 5870s in crossfire.

    Anyway, if you want to power 3 monitors for now just get a Radeon 5870. Read reviews of the 5870 if you want to know more about eyeinfinity.
  4. (2) 4890's with crossfire disabled will run 4 screens.

    the 5000 series can run 3 displays each, there is a 6 display port card coming out eventually.

    What are you using these 4 screens for?
  5. well just for multitasking really. maybe just casual gaming on one screen but not hardcore gaming. they will be used for emailing, writing word documents, watching films and surfing
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