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Hi people, looking for an ATI HD4870 1GB TOXIC video card.Preferably new but will accept used ones in great shape.Please let me know asap if you have one available , thanks for you help, have a great day!!!
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    where do u live? u can buy it online or get the used one on internet like ebay or something...
  2. Wal, I've searched high and low for just ONE of these cards and there are none to be had or I'd have it , believe me.I've searched ebay for the past few months and nothing, you can get HD 4870'S, but I'm looking for the ATI HD4870 1GB TOXIC version.There weren't that many made and they stopped production.I've contacted Sapphire and they told me that and that they didn't even have any available.But hopefully someone on here will have one soon or has one and will be willing to sell it, thanks , laptopluney02
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