Asus Motherboard + AMD Phenom II Black Edition Processor

Looking to buy this motherboard:

And this processor:

The motherboard says it supports Socket AM3 processors, but a few sites I've seen say this model only supports AM2. I know that some AM2's can have a bios update to support AM3, but because mine didn't (never buy a gateway again) I am a bit skeptical. I'd like some advice on whether or not this is going to work?
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    Snooped around newegg customer reviews regarding that board.. Apparently, it works fine with AM3 CPU's so there should not be a reason for you to worry about..
  2. Save your money and buy from! Bestbuy way overpriced!!
  3. Yes, well, unfortunately Newegg doesn't give me 18 months no interest... thanks for the responses!
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