Will 8500gt 512mb psi-e video card work with my power supply

hello every one. I have a gatway gt5404 with 300w power supply. I need to know if this is enough to run my (fatal1ty 8500gt 512mb pci-e video card.) if not enough could some one help me with a good power supply to run. thanks Adam
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  1. You realize that a 8500gt isn't a gaming card tobegin with?

    Do you want to play some game and if yes at which resolution ?

    There are plenty of better card who cost not more than the 8500gt.
  2. OMG fatal1ty 8500gt :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Yeah, that PSU is enough. An 8600GT or 9500GT would be way better for gaming, but hey it's up to you.
  3. ok i was debating the comp games or a ps3. <<----(any sugg.) but my sisters boyfried give me this card. but what would be a good gaming card for a gateway gt5404. whats the price tag look like.?

    also what would the 8500gt 512mb be good for?

  4. a hamster on a wheel could power a 8500 gt. if it was free then use it but dont expect to go over 1200x1040 or so.
  5. thats awsome i have a hamster and a wheel.lol but on have a 17in lcd right know. looking to upgrade in futer. thanks a bunch been alot of help every one. what price on better card?
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