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Hi all, I am working on my new build, have it up and going and have a small O/C going. I have an IB i3570k which is currently at 4.3 which I have achieved by changing the multiplier in BIOS. This is stable, temps at idle are roughly 40c but I would like to try and step it up a bit just for fun (carefully of course). I've scoured the net and many forums searching for O/C guides, and have found a few and virtually all tell me that the only thing I need to really concern myself with is the VCore. I get it that low vcore voltage is the way to go with IB but for the life of me, I cannot find the manual vcore setting my my BIOS. Just changing the multiplier and using stock voltages through BIOS options, has my vcore at a rate that by consensus would not be recommended. It is not over 1.35 but I would like to manually lower it, tweak a few other settings, and see if I can nudge my O/C up to at least 4.6. I have an ASUS PZ877V PRO mobo and I've read the manual, gone online, visited ASUS forum, etc all to no avail. I cannot find the specific BIOS setting for Vcore unless I'm misreading it and it's referred to as something else, perhaps just CPU voltage? I do see that option in BIOS but was hesitant to mess with that not being entirely sure that was for vcore so I've left it on auto.

Any input appreciated!
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  1. Just use offset voltage. It's harder to figure out, but better than a manual, static voltage in the long run.

    The offset option should be in the Ai Tweaker menu (may have to scroll down to see it). You can use either a "-" offset or "+" offset, but be aware that offsets don't really work you'd think they do. For example, a +0.005 offset doesn't necessarily add 0.005V. Strange, I know.

    A good guide to get you started with offsets:

    Edit: I think "Manual" may be an option under CPU Offset Voltage, but I'm not sure. You're right that the manual is kind of lacking in the description of the CPU Voltage option.
  2. that's great info - thanks for that link. I'll give it a go tonight during the football game !
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