SSD Replacement (Patriot Wildfire -> ???)

Hey y'all,

In December, I decided to update several parts of my computer's hardware. I replaced my motherboard, CPU, RAM, and also got a new SSD to boost my computer's performance. While my motherboard/CPU/RAM are kicking everything around, I've suffered through BSODs with my new SSD. I purchased a Patriot Wildfire 120GB from Amazon based on their excellent reviews, and while it's a really fast drive, BSODs every 8-10 hours make it very hard to leave my computer alone without powering it off (I prefer to leave it running...).

According to what I've read, the issue with my SSD has to do with the Sandforce 2281 controller that's built into it, but I could be wrong.

My current intention is to replace my ailing Patriot Wildfire with a Samsung 830 256GB, but I'd like some opinions. Are there better options?

Computer specs:

ASRock Extreme4 Z68
Intel 2500k i5 (OC to 4.0 Ghz)
16GB Corsair Decimator DDR3 1333
Hitachi 750GB 7200RPM SATA II (Storage drive)
EVGA GeForce GTX295
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  1. I think I may have forgotten some information.

    The SSD in my system is being used for the Boot Drive, and along with Windows (7 64bit), I am running games from the drive.

    BIOS is up-to-date and the Wildfire I'm using now has the newest firmware/drivers related to it. The BCCode for the BSODs is an "F4" error, and Windows troubleshooting indicates that it has lost contact with the drive. I have tried pretty much everything suggested on the Patriot forums, along with other forums.

    While I am considering the Samsung 830 256GB SSD as my replacement, I am open to other suggestions. I'm kinda wary of any Sandforce related SSDs, but I will take any feedback I can get.

    Many thanks in advance for any information/feedback that I can get.
  2. I've had the same problem with this expensive POC. Did you have any luck sorting things out?
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