My Second HDD Is Sloooow !!!!?

Hi all

I have 2 HDD WD using SATA . The First have the System and it`s Fine and Good .

The Second HDD is Very slow , When I try to copy or move a Big file there The Speed Start find ( 30-60 MB ) and after 30sec it drops to 1-3 MB and Freeze a lot !!!!!!!

I did Scans ( HD Tune , hdd regenerator ) and it shows no Bad Sectors or a physical problem .

I did These :
1- Disk Defragment
2- Disk Clean up
3- Error Checking
4- Changing My SATA Cable .

I checked The Bios and both Are Master , And Write Caching is Enable .

PC Spec
-Intel Core 2 Quad q6600 2.4
-8 GB Ram
-Hard Disks : 1-WDC WD1600AAJS 160GB ( Has the System and Works fine and greet )
2-WDC WD3200AAJS 320GB ( Which Has my problem , Very slow )
- Windows 7 64x .
-I use Bit Defender Total Security ( and works fine ) .

Solved :

The Problem was From PSU , I have 500W . and It`s not Enough for 2 HDD , 9600GT and a lot of hardware using it . I unplugged my Video card ( Since it`s the most power consumer ) and the HDD worked fine .

I will buy a 750W or 1000W Power Supply Unit .

Thanks for Nothing GUYS . Also Can`t Add ( Solved ) To the Topic .
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