Need help with a water cooling build :)

Hi everyone.
I am thinking of doing a new liquid cooled machine but first i am not sure if all the components i picked out match and can fit inside my case.
This would be my first so i am kind of a noob here hehe :D .
This is what i have so far.

Koolance VID-NX590 Full Cover Waterblock
Swiftech Apogee HD
swiftech MCRx20-XP "eXtreme Performance" Radiator Series
Bitspower BitsPower Z-Multi 150mm Water Tank
Swiftech MCP655 pump
Case-Corsair graphite 600T

These are my Specs:
Intel core i7 2600k
Geforce GTX 590
Asus maximus IV Extreme
8GB Ripjaws RAM
HDd 750GB + SSD 124

I want do do a loop from my for my CPU and GTX 590.Only that will be liquid cooled.
Only the CPU is overclocked at 4.7 GHz

I am wondering first of all will all this fit and will it go together.

If any of you have any suggestions for fans,liquid and anything else please share!
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  1. Oh and Btw i can only afford dual 120mm on the top and a single 120mm in the back :)
  2. so the only thing that you need now is tubing and fittings I like 3/8 ID 5/8 OD tubing with fittings to match this process can get rather expensive depending on how you go about doing it here is an example of what I mean
    Without all of the fittings needed
    and With the fittings, it makes a big difference
  3. You're not going to get very good temps with just 3.120mm worth of cooling just so you know. The 590 runs very hot, 365W of heat generated load without an OC.
  4. what kind of temps do u think i will get under 100% load?
  5. @ H0w3r - please read the watercooling sticky, located in my sig. Packed full of useful info for newbs such as yourself :)

    we can move on from there.
  6. Just to give you an idea:

    The general rule of thumb is every 120mm of rad space push pull will give you about the same watts dissipated, so around 100-120W. You're looking at about 360W max of cooling (and that's a very high estimate TBH I'd expect closer to 300) with your rad, and your GPUs alone fill that by itself. You might end up around or somewhat below air if I were to estimate.
  7. If you can only do 3x 120 mm radiator, I suggest you cool the GPU only since it will benefit the most out of watercooling. The the CPU on the air for now till you got more budget for bigger radiator.
  8. Even if i get a bigger budget i can't fit it inside my 600T
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