Should I install bios orderly


Should I install bios orderly....

For example if the latest bios update available for me are 1765 and 1766 and think that i am using 1764

Should i update directly to 1766?

OR do i need to update to 1765 first and then to 1766?

I actually did not update my bios from 3 years so I just wanna know if I can update my bios to the latest version or need to update to previous version first and then to the latest version

Thanks for your replies....!!!!!!
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  1. You can update to the latest available version directly.. Just make sure it is a stable release and not some beta.. Btw, why do you want to change/install new BIOS.? If your PC is running smoothly then no point in changing BIOS.. A latest available version is not going to enhance the performance..
  2. ^+1 good advice!
  3. Emperus said:
    A latest available version is not going to enhance the performance..

    While the rest of the advice is good this is not always true ! -- at times a BIOS update will correct issues that are detrimental to performance so a BIOS update can enhance performance in some situations - also if you are planning to put a newer CPU in the MOBO then you may need to update the BIOS before swapping the CPU if the new CPU was not supported in the old version of the BIOS. (But yes - if there are not any specific issues you are having that are listed as being addressed in the BIOS update and all is working properly there is really no reason to flash the BIOS to a new version !)
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