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Last night while using my 4870x2 perfectly fine sounded right, then I decided to restart my computer upon restart the fan on the video card sounded god awful. It is like a mix between a rattle and a grinding noise. I found out that if while it is on, at 60% fan speed that if I stop the fan for a second with the end of a pencil eraser it will go away, but upon restart the noise is back. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions.

Second if I can't get an RMA if it is bad, I was thinking about after market coolers for my 4870x2, but the only true air cooled solution is the Accelero Extreme which will not fit into my case as I have a Cooler Master Storm Scout, so I was wondering if there was any coolers that have come out that are smaller, and wouldn't increase the length of the card so that I can fit it into my case. I would go water, but it is utter expensive and I am a little short on cash, I have maybe 100 dollars to spend on a new cooler if I need one. Any suggestions would be appreciated on both questions.


Heavy_ Metal
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    I put the Accelero on my 4870x2 - it takes a huge amount of space - 3 slots worth. There are no other coolers available and the card is not in production any longer. My 4870x2 died after one year and Gigabyte replaced it with 2 other cards (no 4870's) - it had a 3 year warranty.

    If you dont want to replace that fan, you can try to remove your cooler and attempt lubing the fan bearing - but if it destructed that wont fix it.

    Im thinking if you are out of warranty, and cannot repair that fan, water will be your last choice. The good news is that will be much quieter than the vacuum cleaner running we all cherish...
  2. Thanks for the advice, I contacted Sapphire and they said that I can RMA most likely so I am going to peruse that option.
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  4. Perfect - thanks for the vote too.

    did they offer to replace it with another 4870x2 or something else? I would be surprised that they had any left...
  5. They might hook you up fat with a 5870. I know of another guy on here that had to RMA his 4870X2 and they gave him a 5870. Not sure what brand it was though.
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