Best way to setup my new Procurve Switch...

I just bought a new HP Procurve 1800-8G switch to use on my home network, but have some questions moving forward.

I currently have a Linksys WRT160N setup with my Comcast 20 meg pipe running to it & then using the 4 ports for PCs or game systems. I have also recently added an Iomega NAS iX4 2TB to my network & that is the main reason for adding in this new gig switch, as I have noticed some bottlenecking I believe, due to the 4 ports on the Linksys being 10/100.

What is the best way to set this up in my network? The Iomega NAS has dual gig ethernet ports, so should I connect both to the switch to use the load balancing option available on it? Then I am assuming I would connect all my PCs & game systems to the switch & finally the Linksys with the Comcast internet connection.

I like to log in through remote desktop a lot through my macbook running Win7 Ultimate & that is where I have noticed it bogs down ridiculously. How should I setup DHCP? The HP switch can use it or the Linksys, am I right in thinking that having the HP gig switch assign DHCP would be best, as it is gig & the Linksys is only 10/100?

Any pointers or recommendations would sure be welcome!


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  1. Modem - Linksys - HP switch - all computers & NAS.
    I would just let the linksys handle dhcp. I would set all permanent computers & the NAS up with IP reservations so they won't change.
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