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I have various email programs, gmail, hotmai, verizon, etc., but I need to associate a mail program in order to send links from web sites. It does not allow me to send anything unless I assocate a mail program but do not know what to associated it to.
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  1. Who is your mail service? Yahoo or what?
  2. nikorr said:
    Who is your mail service? Yahoo or what?

    I have gmail, hotmail, verizon, msn.... I don't have yahoo.
  3. Are you talking about programs like Microsoft Outlook?
  4. No, not outlook. I don't have it yet. Will get it later but for now I can not send a link or send anything from a web page and it says
    "Could not perform this operation because default mail program is not properly installed."
  5. Win7 doesn't ship with a mail client.
    This will set-up that function and allow you to use links.
  6. You can't send links because you haven't installed a mail client yet. Davcaon has a link to windows live mail. You can also use any mail client you like.

    Here is a link to thunderbird.
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