Bios for hp pavilion a 230n

Can anyone give me the correct settings?
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  1. You don't need to know the correct settings. The settings are correct by default. If you messed with them and need to reset them to default, there should be an option to restore defaults in the bios. If you can't find it, turn of the computer, unplug it, open it and find a "watch battery" on the motherboard. Remove it. Wait a couple seconds then put it back. You just deleted all the changes made to the bios and everything will be back to defaults when you boot up again.
  2. Thanks. I tried to reset the default and also tried removing the battery. Maybe it isn't the bios that is the problem. The computer worked fine at our old place and when we hooked it up at the new place it wouldn't boot up. Tried reloading the Windows XP. Looked like everything was loading but when it said it was starting up Windows, a screen came up that said there was an error and was shutting down. Tried a new hard drive and the same thing happened. Tried 2 other known good hard drives and kept getting the same thing. Going to try unplugging everything on the motherboard and reinstalling to see if that might work
  3. Check your ram with memtest 86, it could be the problem:

    was this "screen that came up" a blue screen?
  4. Yes it was blue. I'll try the ram
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