Configure Raid on SM 6014V-T2

I'm an old guy trying to learn a new trade. Bought a used SM server and having issues with raid.

It has two 250GB hot swappable drives. If both drives are plugged in I get message that says they will not be available to OS and they are in an incomplete status. If I pull one I can load a Centos distribution on the plugged in drive.

Tried loading windows 2003 server but I only have the original release and Supermicro only has drivers for SP1 so it fails.

Went to SuperMicro's Fourm but looks like I am the only one that has been there in quite some time.

Downloaded manual and tried the CtrlA to get into the raid config but that does not work.

Any direction would be appreciated.
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  1. From Appendix C of the manual:

    Configuring BIOS settings for the SATA RAID Functions
    - Press the Del key during system bootup to enter the BIOS Setup Utility.
    - Select the "Main" Menu in BIOS.
    - Scroll down to the item "SATA RAID Enable", select Enabled and press Enter.
    - Tap the Esc key and scroll down to "Exit". Select "Save and Exit" from the
    "Exit" menu. Press the Enter key to save the changes and exit the BIOS.
    - Once you've exited the BIOS Utility, the system will re-boot.
    - During system startup, press the Ctrl and the A keys simultaneously to run
    the Adaptec RAID Confi guration Utility when prompted by the message: "Press
    <Ctrl><A> for Adaptec RAID Configuration Utility".
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